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  • Why is real vanilla so expensive?

    Why is real vanilla so expensive?

    Universally loved, universally expensive. Why does Vanilla, which is such a staple flavour, have such a luxury price tag? As said by PROVA, a leader in the extraction of vanilla for the F&B industry: “Vanilla is the world’s most popular flavor, the 2nd most expensive spice in the world, and one of the world’s most […]

  • What is oolong tea?

    What is oolong tea?

    Oolong tends to be less well known and understood than other types of tea, and for good reason. Oolong undergoes the most complex processing methods of all teas and it is said that producing it is an art form that takes a lifetime to perfect. Among the most artisanal of all teas, Oolongs have a […]