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Ramadan Gifting

The Holy month of Ramadan, the ninth month in the lunar calendar, is the most important time in the Muslim year.  It is the time of spiritual awakening, self-evaluation and remembrance of Allah, which Muslims observe through fasting and prayer. Ramadan teaches Muslims self-discipline, humility and giving.

The cities become alive at night, with Ramadan activities like Iftar and Suhoor gatherings amongst families and friends.

It’s the time to extend appreciation, show respect and gratitude to family, friends, also your loyal customers, suppliers and business partners.

Whatever you are fasting or not, it’s mostly likely that you will be invited to more events than usual and gifting is becoming an integral part. Corporate gifts that are meaningful and thoughtful coupled with a personal touch will win the hearts of your clients and associates.

AVANTCHA handcrafted exquisite tea blends for this occasion, highlighting cinnamon and cardamom, mouthwatering dates and fragrant roses to celebrate Ramadan.

Corporate Gifting

Express your generosity and mindfulness with AVANTCHA luxury giftboxes, packed with whole leaf silk teabags. The giftboxes can be embellished with your associate’s name or company name.

AVANTCHA | Corporate Gift

AVANTCHA | Corporate Gift

Empower the spirit of the festive by choosing a gift that fascinates your clients. AVANTCHA team will expertly advise you on the appropriate gifts.

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