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Organic Jasmine Tea Silk Teabag


Finest organic Mao Jian green tea gently scented with fresh jasmine flowers

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Fresh jasmine petals give the fragrance to this famous Chinese green tea. The jasmine flowers are layered on top of ?tea over night and as the flowers open, the tea is beautifully scented. This ancient process is repeated up to 6 times infusing the tea leaves with the most delicate flavours. The type of organic green tea is called Mao Jian or “Downy Tip”. The nickname comes from the little hairs on the young leaves and that’s a sign of exquisite quality. Our Organic Jasmine Tea is a masterly crafted delicacy.

Each?Organic Jasmine Tea silk teabag contains 2.5g full leaf tea.

Ingredients: Organic green tea, naturally scented with jasmine flowers

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Steep Time

2 - 3'

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1 teabag