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LUCENT – Glass Iced Tea Jug with Capsule

A quick recharge of tea to quench your thirst!

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A quick recharge of tea to quench your thirst!

Make delicious iced tea quickly with the Lucent Glass Iced Tea Jug. Experience pure tea flavor by brewing a tea concentrate and diluting with cold water. The jug, made from lead-free, heat resistant borosilicate glass, is easy to clean by hand due to its cylindrical shape. The infuser is made from durable stainless steel.

Capacity: 1420ml

Color: Charcoal

(L 16.0 cm x W 10.2 cm x H 24.1 cm)

– Silicone foot cover will absorb the impact when the pot is placed on hard surface and prevent slip.
– Unique capsule infuser allows tea to bloom fully and make full body tea.
– Hand crafted glass teapot is made from true borosilicate glass. It stays clear and heat resistant.
– Infuse the tea for disired length of time and remove capsule infuser. Dilute with ice cold water to the top of jug.
– All the parts are detachable for easy care and cleaning.

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