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What Avantcha Means - Avant + Cha

The Advance of Tea™

A modern evolution of tea culture

A homegrown brand born in the United Arab Emirates, AVANTCHA is a boutique specialty tea concept where every leaf, steep and ceremonial step is treated with the most utmost care to highlight the purest of flavors.

Purveyors of the finest tea blends and single origin teas, our tea connoisseurs travel the world to bring the finest tealeaves from some of the most iconic tea gardens to your cup.

Driven by a desire to marry traditional tea culture with modern sophistication – AVANTCHA is a tribute to the timeless sanctity of tea and a celebration of serendipitous moments on the palette.

Our Online Specialty Tea Shop will bring you the finest anywhere and anytime.

Collection – Superior Loose Leaf Teas

An extensive collection of delicately named and dutifully sourced White, Green, Oolong, Black, Pu Erh and Herbal teas.

Collection – Silk Tea Bags

Our bio-degradable silk teabags contain 2.5g-3.5g of tea per bag; large enough to steep a small teapot, and are wrapped in individual foil sachets to preserve freshness.

Collection – Iced Teas

Avantcha has created the unusual and the unexpected with a line of tea blends, herbals and fruit mixes, bound to impress even the most discerning of customers.

Accessories: Enhancing the Artform of The Tea Ceremony

Curated for convenience, AVANTCHA Tea accessories mean teatime is simple and modern yet still ceremonious.


The packaging is minimal and practical. Japanese inspired silver tins are modern and sleek in style as well as being airtight and re-usable.

Organic Certification & Pesticide Residue Testing

Our packaging facility in Dubai is EU organic certified  (AE-BIO 134) and all teas, whether organic or not are going through rigorous pesticide residue tests. We are making sure that you can enjoy a tasty & healthy cup of tea.

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