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The Making of Matcha Whisk – VIDEO

How to care for your matcha whisk?

Now that you’ve learned how much work goes into making the matcha whisk, it’s essential to know how to maintain it’s beauty and strength.

  1. Before you first use the whisk, soak it in a bowl of lukewarm water for a couple of minutes. This allows the bristles (or the prongs) to unfurl from the center outwards.
  2. After each matcha preparation, run the prongs under cold water, using your fingers to gently remove any matcha excess, if necessary.
  3. If the whisk still has matcha particles, fill the matcha bowl with warm water and froth the water, as if making the matcha.
  4. Dry the prongs by patting onto a paper towel, and leave it upside down to air dry.

How to store matcha whisk?

Never store the matcha whisk in the container it came in. The plastic container doesn’t allow airflow, the whisk will get moldy very quick.

Instead, store the whisk on to whisk holder.

If using your matcha whisk daily, replace your whisk every 3 months.

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